Georgia Probation Management


Counseling ServicesGeorgia Probation Management (GPM) provides a wide variety of programs and services to the court, the defendant and the community.

GPM incorporates and tailors our supervision services to accommodate the needs of the court and to help the defendant successfully comply with the court ordered conditions- at no cost to the local court, taxpayer or government.

Our comprehensive supervision services include, but are not limited to:

Supervision of Offenders

GPM has developed customized supervision programs to reliably uphold court ordered conditions. The following supervision programs are readily available:

Probation Supervision

Georgia Probation Management provides probation supervision services to all levels of Georgia courts. GPM has general and intensive supervision levels and work with the courts to assist the offenders to successfully complete their probation sentences. GPM can collect fines, restitution and report to the court the payments electronically.

Pre-Trial Diversion

Georgia Probation Management can supervise individuals who are designated to pre-trial diversion with a variety of supervision and monitoring tools to track program compliance and progress.

Pre-Trial Supervision (Bond)

Georgia Probation Management can supervise individuals who are currently awaiting trial while on bond or other release with electronic monitoring or reporting supervision.

Domestic Violence Offenders

Georgia Probation Management can supervise domestic violence defendants with reporting supervision and/or GPS monitoring to track the continuous whereabouts of individuals and to deter and detect violations of restraining or protective orders. Supervision officers managing these cases are specially trained to supervise these defendants.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Georgia Probation Management provides on-site random testing for alcohol consumption and illegal drug use. Supervision Officers use Breath Analysis, Drug Screening, Hair Follicle Tests, and ETG at the direction of the court.

Court Ordered Conditions

Georgia Probation Management works with courts to monitor and enforce both standard and special conditions of supervision as ordered by the court.

Pre-Sentence Investigations

Georgia Probation Management can prepare Pre-Sentence Investigations at the court’s request. These reports can be provided to the court detailing the defendant’s criminal history, personal, employment, medical and psychological backgrounds, circumstances of offense and victim’s statements.

On-Site Criminal History Processing

In 2003, Georgia Probation Management became the first private offender supervision entity in the State of Georgia to obtain an on-site G.C.I.C (Georgia Crime Information Center) terminal for purposes of accessing the Criminal justice Information System. This allows GPM supervision officers access to defendant criminal histories enabling them to better manage the defendants that we supervise.

Community Service Supervision

Georgia Probation Management works with the court to identify government and community organizations that are acceptable as workplaces for use by Community Service Programs and maintains contact with these locations to monitor an individual’s community service work sites.

Electronic Monitoring

Georgia Probation Management offers several highly reliable programs as to supervision individuals requiring special conditions of release. GPM will customize a monitoring program that meets the needs of your Court or Agency.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

Georgia Probation Management utilizes the BluTag, a one-piece GPS ankle monitor manufactured by Satellite Tracking of People, for tracking a defendant’s movements as well as monitoring curfews, and/or inclusion and exclusion zones for individuals.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

Georgia Probation Management uses SCRAMx (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) to monitor the use of alcohol 24/7. When activated, the ankle monitor can be used to enforce a curfew or house arrest if required by the Court.

In-home Alcohol Monitoring

Georgia Probation Management offers an in-home breathalyzer for alcohol monitoring as an alternative to the continuous alcohol ankle monitor.

Curfew Supervision

Georgia Probation Management can monitor curfew conditions through a number of technologies including Radio Frequency Monitoring and Voice Verification Monitoring.

Remote Breath

Georgia Probation Management offers The first and only handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with automated facial recognition and GPS with every single test.

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